Give Up For God

Will You “Give Up For God” This May?

We will be “Giving up for God” during the month of May. We encourage you to spend some time in prayer and think of ways you can “Give Up for God” this month and beyond.

A few things that people have done in the past in which they gave up and then offered their savings to God were:

~ some gave up having their nails professionally done
~ some gave up buying their coffee from a specialty shop or Wawa
~ some gave up going to Sunday breakfast
~ some gave up buying their lunch at fast foods places through out the week
~ some simply gave an offering towards “Giving Up for God”

It is our hope that you will always try to be generous with your time, talents and offerings. It is what Jesus has taught us to do and it pleases him when we do.

May God Bless You! – Finance Committee

New This Year!

You can now “Give Up For God” through our online giving system and mobile app. You can create an account to give automatically each week/month or manually enter your gift as you feel comfortable. It’s safe and secure! Get started below and follow the prompts to create your account so you’ll be ready to “Give Up For God!”