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Digital Signage Policy & Guidelines

General Statement

Digital signage is a resource for the First United Methodist Church of Williamstown. The sign will share church information and promote events and activates sponsored by the church.

Content Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for the church digital signage:

  • Use sign to promote church information and to promote church sponsored programs, events, or activities.
  • Messages that invite public participation

 Requests for Posting Messages

Content is posted by the digital managing department of the church. Information pertaining to the church events will be given top priority for posting. To request information posted, follow the instructions below.

  • All information displayed on signage will be approved by the pastor.
  • Please allow three (3) weeks for creation of all messages.
  • Complete a separate Digital Sign Request Form for each event requested.
  • Be sure to Indicate on the request form the “start” and “stop” dates for advertizing your event on the sign.
  • Information to be posted should reflect those events and activities taking place and sponsored by the church.
  • Information for signage to be emailed to Pastor Josh at: at least three (3) weeks before start date for advertizing.

Submit Your Request

Submit your request online by clicking here

or Download the Digital Signage Request Form: PDF / MS Word